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The Origin Story

With an indelible spirit and inspired body of work, the artistic career of Bob Marley left a legacy of wisdom and revolution.

Today, his grandson Nico Marley has taken on that mantle, and as an athlete and visionary entrepreneur, brought it into the modern day.

Lion X Wellness represents the balanced and holistic approach to modern wellness for those pursuing their best life: a promise to bring positive change into the world, and use one’s ambitions to embolden others to do the same.

Nico’s life as a professional football player instilled in him the importance of a high-performance health regimen. As an entrepreneur, he understands the needs of a leader and innovator, and the important role that restorative wellness plays in holistic self-care.

Unleashing your inner lion means being your best self, and Lion X Wellness is here to empower you on that journey.

With a full-spectrum approach to developing Lion X CBD products, a dedication to the highest quality ingredients, and a commitment to the Marley family’s ongoing legacy of vitality and positivity, Nico’s unique philosophy is the perfect health solution for anyone looking to live their life to the fullest.

You can share in Nico’s mission to bring restorative health solutions to a contemporary lifestyle. Explore the full line of Lion X Wellness CBD products and embrace the harmonious merging of dedication and self-care, balance and ambition, and the enlightened objective to embody positivity in everything you do.

Our Mission

For those who believe living a balanced lifestyle starts from within, Lion X exists to deliver a portfolio of wellness and CBD products and services, for those who demand more from life. Simply Put – our goal is for you to embrace your inner lion.

Social Equity & Inclusion

As a new business in the fast growing cannabis and wellness industries, we want to be deliberate about the social equity and inclusion initiatives as we continue to explore ways to uplift the communities around us.

One of our prized equity partners, The Garden of Eden, is a non-profit organization with the mission to empower women and youth by cultivating self-esteem and self-worth through mentorship programs in arts, education, and the development of sustainable community projects in underserved areas. Lion X donates a portion of sales to Garden of Eden.


“ The best version of yourself can only emerge when you take the best care of yourself. ”