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What is CBD and where does it come from?

CBD may be the trend of the year, but it might just turn out to be the trend of the next decade. So – if it’s so on trend – what exactly is CBD? There have been so many explanations for what CBD is, so we want to keep it simple for you. CBD is one of over a hundred plant compounds classified as cannabinoids, but unlike the most well-known cannabinoid – THC – CBD is non-intoxicating.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, the natural active ingredient found in hemp and cannabis plants.

To make CBD Oil, the leaves and flowering tops of hemp or cannabis plants are harvested and then pressed to extract the oil-based compounds. Hemp contains much more CBD than anything else and we think this compound deserves some extra attention.

Is CBD legal in the United States?

Society has taken a quantum leap forward from the narrow views it held only a few years ago, and for that, we couldn’t be more thankful. As of 2018, CBD derived from industrial hemp with less than 0.3% THC has been classified as an approved agricultural crop that is federally legal in all fifty states. In short, hemp-derived CBD is more legal than ever.

Source Matters

Partnered with our manufacturers in Colorado we offer organically grown hemp, using local ingredients and Non-GMO products. All products within legal limit of THC (Less than 0.3%) we offer a seed to sale branded line of organically manufactured hemp and CBD products based Body Care, Targeted Wellness and Therapeutic Product Line.

More on our partners –Colorado Hemp Project was established in 2013 as the first company in the United States to receive a legal license to grow Industrial Hemp under Amendment 64. They are a multi-award winning company with a total of six national and international awards including Worlds Best CBD Balm/Salve from the World CBD Awards 2019, Barcelona, Spain. We exceed standards for 3rd party testing and guarantee our products are within federal regulations of being .3% or below in THC levels.

Organic, Vegan(Gummies, tincture), GMP ISO certified isolate in products, Farms organic, verified content and every batch tested and approved by the state(Colorado) metric department.

Is all CBD the same?

From the molecular perspective, CBD is CBD (notwithstanding stereochemical differences). However, you need to look at what should be taken with CBD – and what shouldn’t – if you want to achieve the best results for your health. The best CBD Oil or hemp extract should stay true to nature’s design by including its natural phytonutrients like terpenes, flavonoids, chalcones, and trace cannabinoids that offer unique health benefits of their own.

For instance, terpenes promote fat burning, which complements the benefits of CBD. When CBD functions as an antioxidant, it powerfully quiets inflammation by shifting the metabolism away from free radical production. This means – on the biochemical level – taking the right CBD consistently may relieve pain, improve sleep, and reduce stress…often in that order!

To simply obtain the most important natural phytonutrients, we recommend looking for a Full Spectrum CBD Oil. True Full Spectrum CBD Oils contain both cannabinoids and terpenes. In other words, while all CBD Products contain CBD, some might be better for you than others! Explore our selection of CBD Oils, click here to purchase!

What makes CBD products from LION X different?

While other CBD brands/products can offer quality, Lion X is the only brand who can weave together athleticism, entrepreneurship and the Marley heritage – creating a unique modern wellness platform made for you.