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Get Rid of Cravings with CBD

One of CBD’s major selling points is that it has no psychoactive effect. So even though it is sometimes derived from marijuana and can provide many of the same benefits as medicinal cannabis, it won’t impair your normal mental faculties. By the same token, it also won’t be habit-forming, even if you make it a reliable part of your daily routine.

These features make CBD a safer, side-effect-free alternative to the drugs that so many people come to rely on these days. But the news is even better than you may realize. If you’ve ever had problems with alcohol, marijuana, or opiates, then you might find CBD functions not just as an alternative but as a replacement.

CBD Helping with Drug Rehabilitation

Many CBD users have reported using oils and gummies as a way of weaning themselves off of other substances that seemed to be doing more harm than good. Whether or not they’re psychoactive, cannabinoids interact with some of the same neural pathways that provide a sense of satisfaction in the presence of drugs or alcohol. By occupying those pathways with a substance that doesn’t create chemical dependency, you may be able to manage the cravings that would otherwise have you reaching for a bottle.

The overall effects of CBD may also help to mitigate the symptoms of withdrawal. This includes both physical and psychological effects, since CBD is well-known for countering both nausea and anxiety, as well as both insomnia and general pain. Of course, none of those effects are powerful enough to stand in for professional treatment in instances of serious addiction. But if you’re dealing with early signs of dependency or just trying to stay clean after successfully completing a program, then CBD will most likely make the process easier without creating any new problems.

CBD Helping to Manage your Diet

The same is true if your drug of choice is food. There are plenty of people who steadfastly avoid psychoactive drugs, yet still find that excessive cravings prevent them from establishing a truly healthy lifestyle or staying in shape over the long term. If you’re worried about overeating, CBD nutritional supplements can held to manage those cravings by directly suppressing your appetite and also providing that sense of total well-being that lets you know there’s no good reason to reach for the nearest comfort food.

As you may know, the effects of CBD are mediated through the body’s endocannabinoid system, which has a role in a wide range of metabolic processes. That system is partially responsible for the secretion of hormones that make you feel hungry and that make you feel full. It seems as if CBD helps to stabilize the rate of these hormones’ secretion, thereby preventing random feelings of hunger as well as delayed feelings of fullness.

Individual results may vary, but it’s reasonable to assume that if you make a habit of scheduling doses of CBD so they align with your meal schedule, you’ll end up feeling more satisfied from meals that you or a nutritionist have designed to maintain a healthy weight and provide appropriate fuel for an athletic lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that we’re particularly interested in the role CBD can play in overall wellness. Of course, you can use any of our products to achieve very specific goals like better sleep or pain management. But regardless of where they’re starting from, we hope that many of our customers will find that CBD can be a stepping stone toward total personal transformation.

For many people, an essential part of that process is reducing dependency on food, drugs, or alcohol. Although this probably isn’t the first thing that most people have in mind when looking for CBD products, there’s a good chance that regular use of those products will make it easier to take on good habits like healthy eating and cleaner living.

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