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3 Ways CBD Can Help Improve Athletes Recovery

One of the most challenging parts of being an athlete is that you are constantly pushing your body to new lengths.  Although this is what athletes love to do, there can be consequences to this as well.  This includes not letting their muscles ever fully recover, getting hurt, and not performing as well as they should.  Instead of taking breaks from practice, they have to learn how to live with these circumstances so that their performance isn’t affected.  One of the ways to do so is by utilizing CBD, which helps decreasing muscle soreness, reduce inflammation, and improve sleep.

Helps with Muscle Soreness

Athletes are constantly pushing their bodies to train harder than their competition, grow new muscles, and win each game.  As a result, however, it can come to no surprise that athletes experience muscle soreness, which can lead to reduced strength and power, reduced force output, decreased ranges of motion, and altered coordination.

This is why our Muscle & Joint Cooling Balm can be utilized to reduce soreness.  Not only can the balm be used after workouts to relieve pain, but before as well.  When it’s used beforehand, it relaxes the muscles, therefore allowing the athlete to have a more efficient workout.

Helps Reduce Inflammation

It’s very common for an athlete to experience inflammation after an intense workout, as inflammation helps their muscles to heal.  That being said, continuous inflammation can lead to poor levels of recovery between workouts, as well as aches that make it more difficult to workout.

CBD oil helps reduce inflammation by binding with transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 cells throughout the body.  This is crucial, as these cells are responsible for controlling inflammation in certain parts of the body.  When these cells bind, it prevents the transmission of signals that can cause inflammation.

Improves Sleep

Deep sleep is an important element of an athlete’s recovery, and for multiple reasons.  To start, lack of sleep decreases the athlete’s attention, affects their hand-eye coordination, and affects their ability to react quickly.  In addition, the growth hormone is released during sleep; this is the hormone that stimulates muscle growth and repair, bone building, and fat burning.

One of the ways in which CBD oil can help athletes get a better night’s sleep is by reducing soreness and inflammation, as mentioned above.  There are also multiple elements in CBD that help a person sleep better; for instance, some studies have found that CBD may act on serotonin receptors, which play an important role in regulating a person’s sleep-wake cycle.

Among the many benefits that CBD has, improving an athlete’s recovery is one of them.  Because of this, topical CBD products are being increasingly utilized by athletes around the United States.

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