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Isolate CBD Oil 1000mg
Isolate CBD Oil 1000mg
Isolate CBD Oil 1000mg

Isolate CBD Oil 1000mg

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The Lion X Wellness CBD Isolate for sale is refined, direct, effective, and will become an essential part of your holistic self-care routine. In the NFL, as Nico Marley was, you learn how important it is to maximize every area of your life, including practice and play but also rest and recovery. Enhance your own rejuvenation with CBD Isolate Oil from Lion X Wellness to become the best version of yourself.

Benefits Of CBD Isolate Oil

The Marley family has known for generations how good cannabinoids may be for you. They may be capable of easing chronic pain like migraines or inflammation. And our CBD Isolate for sale is the purest, safest, and most direct way to take it.

A full spectrum oil (or capsules and gummies) will have more of the compounds found in hemp, including THC for those who like the full range of phytonutrients. But if you’re looking for a pure, distilled experience, then you’ll prefer this CBD Isolate Oil. The hemp we use is locally and ethically grown in Colorado, organic, and the overall product is vegan, so when you buy our CBD Oil Isolate 1000mg, you can feel confident about what you’re putting into your body.

Benefits Of Lion X Wellness

Lion X Wellness doesn’t just have legacy, coming from Bob Marley’s grandson – we can also prove our excellence. We’ve been featured in Forbes Magazine, and all of our products are GMP and ISO certified, verified, and third-party tested by the Colorado State Metric Department. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your Lion X Wellness products, and if you aren’t, we offer free 30-day returns. Order your CBD Oil Isolate 1000mg today for free shipping in the US. Or explore the rest of the collection, contact us with any questions, and connect with us on social media so you can unleash your inner lion.


MCT Oil*, CBD Rich Hemp Extract, Natural Peppermint Flavor*, Stevia* *Organic

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CBD Oil 1000mg





Partnered with our manufacturers in Colorado we offer organically grown hemp, using local ingredients and Non-GMO products.

GMP Certified

We exceed standards for 3rd party testing and guarantee our products are within federal regulations of being .3% or below in THC levels.

Ethically Made

More on our partners - Colorado Hemp Project was established in 2013 as the first company in the United States to receive a legal license to grow Industrial Hemp under Amendment 64

ISO Certified

Organic, Vegan, GMP ISO certified isolate in products, verified content and every batch tested and approved by the Colorado state metric department.

Locally Grown

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