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Full Spectrum CBD Oil 2000mg

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 2000mg

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Key Facts

  • Natural dietary supplements featuring high bioavailability
  • Crafted with whole, organic hemp extract
  • GMP ISO certified isolate in products
  • Every Lion X product is Made in the USA at a CGMP Facility and should be stored in a dry, cool place

Recommended Use

Take one dropper per day as needed, or as recommended by your healthcare provider.


MCT Oil*, CBD Rich Hemp Extract, Natural Peppermint Flavor*, Stevia* *Organic

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil (2000mg)

Containing a broad spectrum of plant compounds and metabolites encompassing over 100 therapeutic compounds, full-spectrum oil from the hemp plant makes a vibrant and potent addition you’ll find essential to your health routine. Here are some of the biodynamic compounds that make full-spectrum CBD oil so effective:
Terpenes: In addition to being aromatic compounds, terpenes produce the same nootropic effects of relaxation, or focus and acuity, that are associated with cannabis – minus the THC and “high” feeling.

Flavonoids: Metabolic compounds known as flavonoids are found in many plants, and they determine the potency of the plant’s health benefits. This provides the antioxidant effect which helps protect and reduce cell damage.

Cannabinoids: All-natural CBD oil contains cannabidiol isolates – that is, only the potent and beneficial elements of the hemp plant. There are over 100 healthful cannabinoids isolated in our full-spectrum CBD.

Why Full Spectrum CBD?

With a higher grade of potency, full-spectrum oils with a full spectrum of restorative compounds create a bioavailable powerhouse to fuel your ambition, drive, and passion.

All-natural CBD oil is great for athletic recovery, focus, relaxation, and calm. In short, it’s the perfect supplement to make sure your driven life has the self-care it deserves.

Trust Your Source

Find the best dosage of high-grade full-spectrum oils for your best life at Lion X Wellness. All of the Lion X offerings have GMP ISO certified isolates and are made in the USA at a certified CGMP facility. See all of the reasons to incorporate CBD into your daily routine, and learn more about the mission of Lion X to empower you to bring your best to each and all of your endeavors.

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3 reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Oil 2000mg

    September 8, 2020
    I absolutely love this product. I live with chronic pain and have trouble waking in the night due to pain and anxiety. I've tried many other oils as well as gummies, and this is by far the most effective product I've used. Because of this product, I've been able to cut my antipsychotic med dose in half that I've taken for sleep for years; that has really improved my quality of life since I've been dependent on that med for so long and it was causing depression for me. This is my own personal experience and won't apply to everyone, but I haven't had depression since replacing the pills with this product. I highly recommend it to anyone with sleep or pain issues. It is well worth the price.
    July 24, 2020
    I use it everyday! For anyone with anxiety a drop or two has helped me wonders
    May 13, 2020
    My favorite. I love using this for my chronic pain, I usually put it into my morning tea or directly under my tongue and let it absorb, but I also use it topically for my face. Most CBD beauty brands add a lot of extra ingredients that element the 'clean' concept when really the benefit to a CBD serum is the CBD. this is an incredible way to help reduce redness and blemishes, I just add a few drops to my moisturizer.
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CBD Oil 2000mg Lab Sheet



  • Full-spectrum CBD products are CBD products that contain cannabinoids contained in the hemp plant. Including trace amounts THC (less than .3% which is the legal limit.)
  • Broad-spectrum CBD products are CBD products that contain every cannabinoid in the hemp plant except THC. There is 0% THC in broad-spectrum CBD products (trace amounts of THC may remain, but less than the typical .3% THC found in hemp-based CBD).
  • Isolates are CBD products that contain only CBD–everything else in the plant is taken out. There are over 100 cannabinoids known to exist in hemp. Isolates are made by “isolating” the cannabinoid CBD from cannabis.
  • No, CBD is not an addictive compound. Actually, it’s believed that CBD plays a role in treating addictive behaviors.
  • CBD is most commonly used in the reduction of chronic pain. Unlike opiates, CBD comes without the horrendous side effects of addiction and the debilitating inebriation that opiates can induce.
  • Check out our blog “Benefits of CBD” for the detailed list.
  • *As with most medical means, benefits vary from person to person, as well as its effectiveness. There has not been enough research into the benefits of CBD for anyone to claim definitively whether or not CBD is directly associated with improved health conditions.
  • The word tincture means “a solution of a medicinal substance in an alcoholic solvent.” That’s exactly what CBD (cannabidiol) is: a medicinal ingredient diluted in a specific material. In the world of CBD, the word “tincture” and the word “oil” are used interchangeably. The terms “CBD tincture” and “CBD oil” both refer to the liquid substance found inside a bottle of CBD oil.
  • CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid. It is one of two dominant cannabinoids in both hemp and marijuana (the other dominant cannabinoid found in both hemp and marijuana is THC). CBD is used to assist individuals with a variety of medical conditions, like pain, anxiety, inflammation, and neurological disorders. Check out our blog “Curious About CBD?” to read more into detail.
  • The probability of failing a drug test from using hemp-based CBD products is minuscule, but there have been very few rare cases reported. Of course, if someone using hemp-based CBD products is greatly exceeding the recommended dosage, then yes, their chances of failing a drug test will obviously increase.
  • Hemp-based CBD oil may also lead to false positive results. In such instances, do your research and find a way to express this to the entity testing you. Today’s drug tests are incredibly specialized, so if you have failed a drug test for taking a legal substance, like hemp-based CBD products, there should be a way for the entity testing you to verify that.
  • Though these chances are slim, we still advise those concerned about it to simply be aware. If you’re still wanting to play it extra safe, you will want to look for CBD products with 0% THC so you can feel more secure. We recommend trying a broad-spectrum CBD product or an isolate. We also recommend consulting your physician or health care provider before using any hemp products if you are subject to drug testing.