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Soothing Balm

Soothing Balm

CBD Soothing Balm

With numerous studies demonstrating the benefits of broad-spectrum CBD supplementation on aches and pains, a trusted and soothing CBD muscle balm is an ideal addition to any health and wellness regimen. Weightlifters, swimmers, runners, yoga practitioners, and anyone with an interest in health and performance put pressure on their bodies that call for a balanced and healthy means of relief. Lion X Wellness’s high-quality CBD balm is the perfect way to incorporate soothing, restorative active rest into your fitness plan.

A Calming Blend

Of the hundreds of cannabinoids thriving in the hemp plant, CBD is the one isolated for its beneficial effects on the health of the mind and body. With that, the Lion X CBD muscle balm also combines potent botanicals for a multifaceted recovery go-to that fits easily in any gym bag.

Lion X Wellness’s CBD balm contains soothing plant-based agents such as:

  • Arnica montana, an alpine plant long-held by homeopathic practitioners to aid in healing.
  • Aloe vera, a soothing topical known to be used in the skincare of ancient Egyptians.
  • Cocoa and shea butter, forming a hydrating trio with organic CBD-rich hemp extract to support healthy skin.

Strength and Balance

Recovery is essential to any fitness plan, and that is exactly why Lion X Wellness formulated this CBD muscle balm, a compact, cooling, and soothing balm. Like all of the offerings from Lion X, our muscle balm meets the highest standards of quality and purity: made in the USA at a CGMP Facility and verified by the State Metric Department, you know Lion X is as committed to the demands of your ambitious health goals as you are. Our CBD balm features the same certified cannabidiol isolates that make all of the Lion X products leaders in potency, purity, and bioavailability. Unleash your inner lion and experience your best self with superior CBD products from Lion X Wellness.