For those who believe living a balanced lifestyle starts from within, Lion X exists to deliver a portfolio of wellness and CBD products and services, for those who demand more from life. Simply Put – our goal is for you to embrace your inner lion.


Nico Marley is a former professional football player and modern entrepreneur with a safe, holistic approach to fitness and wellness, and guided by a profound respect for impact made when people put forth their very best. Lion X emerged from Nico’s passion for performance and the collective impact we have on one another, he aims to empower ambitious individuals with restorative wellness when they’re performing at the highest levels. Nico’s inspiration for Lion X is a fascinating fusion of his unique life experiences. It’s a mixture of the dedication, focus and performance of a professional athlete combined with the natural wellness and gentle wisdom of his grandfather, music legend Bob Marley. Both Nico and his grandfather share the beliefs of living life to the fullest, and that fully expressing your purpose requires you to honor your mind, body and soul. Nico sees Lion X as a modern evolution of his family’s philosophies, and his way of spreading positive vibrations and wellness to everyone.

Founder & CEO of Lion X
Founder & CEO of Lion X
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