Health + Wealth Series

Cooking with CBD x @thehealthwarriorproject

“A simple recipe that will boost immune response and help reduce inflammation.”

-Chef Misha

Chef Misha with the @theHealthWarriorProject teaches individuals the path towards optimal health and well-being through proper nutrition and the usage of CBD in cooking and wellness.

  1. Add 1 cup each of peaches, blueberries, and banana to blender.

  2. Add 1 dropper of Lion X Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1500mg (depending on your dosage)

  3. Add 2-3 cups of coconut milk, substitute with almond or oat milk. 

  4. Pour into cup, add chia seeds to top and let sit 15-20 minutes. 
  5. Dress with peaches, blueberries or desired fruits on top and enjoy!





Health + Wealth Series

Hatha Yoga with @alaskagedeon


“CBD has helped break down inflammation and increased circulation in my body. Unlike painkillers that block the pain receptors in the brain, CBD actually helps address and heal the pain.” 




Chid’s Pose 30-60 seconds

Downward Dog Pose 30-60 seconds

Upward Dog Pose 30-60 seconds

Low Lunge 30-60 seconds


Lotus Pose 30-60 seconds


Introducing Lion X Wellness











Brooklyn based Christina Lovely is both a Reiki Master and Sound Healer who splits her time between BK and the beautiful Berkshires in upstate New York on the weekends. She enjoys performing sound baths by the lake and creating healing sounds for everyone around her to enjoy. 


Christina says “I use LionX CBD oil as a way to calm and focus before performing. I absolutely love it’s peppermint flavor and calming effects”. Missed her sound bath?   



Founder, Nico Marley, combines the perfect soothing sounds of island escapes and lit travels with the tribe. Tap in, tune out and hit airplane mode.