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Despite all of their focus on love and joy, the holidays have the potential to be incredibly stressful and frustrating. Finding the perfect gifts, spending time with family members you don’t often see, and trying to fill every moment with happiness can be super overwhelming!

But since the holidays aren’t going anywhere, Lion X Wellness is here with our top five tips for stress-free holidays so you can enjoy the season and find some rest and relaxation after a busy year.

1. Have Something Calming On Hand

We’re sure you’ve found what works for you in stressful situations by now. Whether that’s bath salts, tea, or a Full Spectrum CBD Oil, having something on hand or specific activities (like a long bath) that chill you out in difficult moments is one of the most important tips for stress-free holidays we can give you.

Don’t find yourself in a position where you finally have a moment to yourself and you’ve run out of the thing that helps you chill best. Make sure you’re well-stocked now, so it’s not an issue later. And while we’re on the subject of having a moment to yourself…

Indulging in self care is one of our tips for stress-free holidays

2. Take Time For Self-Care

One of our best tips for a stress-free holiday is to pencil in self-care time into your schedule. Make a plan for it, because once you’re in the middle of spending time with family you’ll feel the pressure to spend every moment with them.

Whether you practice self-care through a hobby, like yoga or physical exercise, or CBD capsules and soothing balms, you never have to worry about how long it takes for the relaxation to hit when you’ve already dedicated the time to it. When you plan out your schedule now, you actually give yourself more freedom later.

3. Prepare In Advance

There are two parts to this tip for stress-free holidays: start shopping for gifts at the beginning of the season, and preemptively plan activities for the whole family to enjoy together.

Don’t hit the holiday week itself and realize that you still have no idea what to get for your loved ones. Instead, keep an eye out for things they would like now. Find holiday kits of their favorite products, start searching for great sales at their most frequented stores, or take note of products that are possible options for them to use, and the actual holiday gifts will fall into place.

One of our other favorite tips for stress-free holidays is to stockpile activities and games. Never worry about having nothing to do or letting conversations go stale when there’s always something fun to try. Plan for more things to do than you think you’ll need, and you’ll get through the season wishing you had even more time with your family!

4. Make A List Of The Good Times

If you find yourself in the mindset of being angry and frustrated early in the season, it can be easy to get stuck there. That’s why it helps to take a moment to focus on what’s good about the holidays, and why you keep celebrating them. And there’s no better way to focus on the good times than just sitting down and writing out the good times that have been had.

Of course, if you need help focusing, we hear that CBD products like our vegan gummies are great for helping you enjoy memory lane even more.

5. Focus On The People You Care Most About

We believe in family at Lion X Wellness, but sometimes during the holidays, it’s hard to get along with your loved ones, no matter how much DNA you share. Many families and their members spend extended periods of time apart and then struggle to find things in common when they reunite. Families all have their quirks, leading to potentially awkward situations, especially during this time of year!

A family celebrating stress-free holidays

That’s why one of our favorite tips for stress-free holidays is to concentrate your time with the people you care about most. Whether that means your closest friends or members of your actual family, make sure to center your holiday season around those you care about most and what makes them wonderful.

Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, or just the season, with Lion X Wellness’s tips for stress-free holidays, you can make this year one to remember in the best possible way.


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